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7 June
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Hello there, you seem to have stumbled upon my icon-journal. Check the rules an enjoy your stay.
the girl
I'm Cal. My birthday's on June 7th. I like a bunch of stuff. Pixelling. Lj icons, of course. Nerdy. Musical. Will do anything once. Films. TV. Bands. Gigs. English. Hampshire, England. "Alternative" Music. Shiny things. Sparkles. Computers. Orange. Black. White. Emotes.
the rules
Credit me in your keywords as dyingicons, thanks. I make these free of charge and whatever, and I don't want other people thinking you've made them, cause I've spent time on these, so I'd like credit. ^^; The same goes for headers and stuff. Just, give me a few words in your userinfo or something. ^^; To credit me, just put, dyingicons in the keywords, simple, see?

Do not hotlink! This is a personal hate of mine..and yeah. It's evil, read more here. Just..get a photobucket account. I can't stress this enough, lol.

Textless icons are NOT bases.

Comment me and let me know if you're taking anyway.

Comment me anyway! XD I'm just a shameless comment-whore.

the resources

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Check here for the rest.

the affiliates

All are awesome and I suggest you check them out. :D
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